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TWIC Enrollment and Renewal

Employees who need to renew their TWIC cards are advised to initiate the process two months before the expiration date of their current TWIC card. The renewal process consists of the same steps as the original enrollment process:

  1. Port employees are responsible for applying to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for TWIC card enrollment and renewal. The Port will provide a prepaid Visa card to employees to pay TWIC enrollment or renewal fees under the following criteria:
    • The employee regularly performs job duties that require unescorted access to secure areas within a marine terminal facility.
    • The employee has visited a secure marine facility at least twice within the last twelve (12) months.
    • If a renewal, the employee holds a TWIC card which expires within the next two (2) months.
  2. Supervisors shall complete the TWIC Enrollment Request Form, recommending employees under their direction for a TWIC card. The form requires approval by the Division Director, Managing Director, and Executive Director.
  3. Approved employees shall sign up for TWIC pre-enrollment by making an enrollment appointment at the local TWIC enrollment center by going online at www.tsa.gov/TWIC or by telephone at (866) 347-8942.
  4. At least twenty-four (or one full business day) prior to their enrollment appointment, employees shall submit their approved enrollment request form to the Security Division to receive a pre-paid Visa card which shall be used to pay for TWIC enrollment or renewal fees. Employees shall contact Tiffany Pierce, TWIC Coordinator, at (562) 283-7834 to submit their approved enrollment request and obtain their prepaid Visa card at the Security Division, 1249 Pier F Avenue.
  5. Employees shall gather the required personal documents and bring them to their appointment at the enrollment center. Please click here for information on documentation.
  6. Employees shall interoffice or email a photocopy their enrollment receipt to Tiffany Pierce, TWIC Coordinator, () by the end of business on the day following enrollment.
  7. Upon notification from TSA, employees will pick up their TWIC card from the local TWIC enrollment center.

Please Note: Once issued, the TWIC card becomes the personal property of the cardholder. The Security Division will not be responsible for TWIC cards that have been lost, damaged, or stolen. Should an employee lose his or her TWIC card, replacement costs may be reimbursable at the discretion of that employee's Division Director.

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