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Winter 2008
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Cargo Canines

Hex is on the hunt. Charging up narrow steps and down tight passageways aboard the container ship Ipanema, Hex is poking his nose into every corner, every hollow area beneath steel railings and braces.
A key member of U.S. Customs and Border Protectionís canine inspection team, Hex scurries and sniffs, while partner Steve Fischer eyes the dogís every reaction and scans for more targets.
Hex is a narcotics dog ó a Belgian Malinois trained by Customs for his ability to catch the tiniest whiff of illegal drugs. He can detect the slightest smells, even in a shipís engine room where huge pistons thrum noisily and the tang of machine oil hangs in the air.
Photo Gallery: Click here for a cargo canines photo gallery.
Video: Click here for a video feature on the cargo canines.


Gantry Cranes Stand Tall

Giant gantry cranes, the soaring steel towers used for moving big cargo containers on and off ships at the Port, are familiar sights along the Long Beach coastline. But it was an unusual scene when four gantry cranes could be spotted floating in Long Beach Harbor.
The cranes were on a ship waiting to be moved onto a dock at a Port shipping terminal.
New cranes, which cost about $7 million each, arrive fully assembled for quicker installation on the docks. The cranes stand nearly as high as a 30-story office building. They weigh about 150 tons and have arms that reach out 180 feet, across 22 rows of shipping containers.
Photo Gallery: Click here for a cranes photo gallery. Video: Click here for a video feature on the new cranes.

Port Debuts New Look

The Port has introduced a new logo to better reflect its commitment to the environment and local community under its Green Port initiative.
The vibrant new look symbolizes the Portís Green Port Policy to improve the quality of air, water, soil and sediments at the Port while serving the region as a vital economic resource.
In the logo, colorful images of a ship, fish, people, a bird, trees, a home, and office towers circle a stylized shape of the United States.

Clean Trucks Plan to Improve Air Quality

Within the next few years, only the cleanest cargo-delivery trucks will be operating at the Port of Long Beach.
The Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners has approved a progressive ban on old, dirty diesel trucks from serving the Port starting in October, 2008. The five-year program will slash air pollution from short-haul (or "drayage") trucks by 80 percent.

Let's Talk Port

Come join the Port of Long Beach for ďLetís Talk Port,Ē a series of community workshops to share information about the Port and to hear the publicís thoughts on Port-related issues.
Please plan to attend. The workshops will be scheduled in Long Beach neighborhoods throughout the year. Port staff will answer questions and listen to comments on a variety of issues, including:

  • How the Port operates
  • Creating a "green" seaport
  • Improving security
  • Future improvement projects
  • Jobs and careers

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Richard D. Steinke
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January is an ideal time to talk about beginnings and to spotlight some of the latest changes here at the Port of Long Beach. In the past few months, Iím proud to say weíve developed a major program to significantly reduce air pollution from the truck fleet that serves the ports.

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Long Beach is a special community, a big city but one that values such friendly, small town traditions as parades and festivals. The Harbor Commissioners and staff at the Port of Long Beach are key partners, participants and supporters of these vital neighborhood activities.
Click here for a photo gallery of recent community events.

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