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Filming Permit Application - Step 1: Terms and Conditions

INSTRUCTIONS: You must read these instructions carefully before filling out the permit application.


  1. Permits for filming and still photography require ten (10) business days to process. Applications that include activities such as stunts, special effects, and pyrotechnics may require additional processing time. If activities are added after an application is submitted, processing time will increase accordingly. Please file your application as early as possible.
  2. Applications for special event permits must be filed at least twenty (20) business days before the proposed event. Special events that require permits include, but are not limited to, parades, concerts, and sporting events.
  3. Please be as detailed as possible when describing your proposed activities. You are encouraged to include activities that are still under consideration, since revisions to your application may delay the review process. Activity not included in your application will not be allowed.
  4. After application submission, you may be required to provide additional information, such as equipment and material specifications, diagrams, traffic plans, etc., depending on the nature of your activity. Give yourself ample time to collect and submit the additional information, and file your application as early as possible.


  5. Based upon the proposed activity, you will be provided with insurance requirements for your permit. Insurance requirements are subject to change if the activity in the original application is revised. Proof of insurance that is insufficient or inadequate may delay the issuance of a permit. Please be sure to read the Insurance Requirements and Tips section.
  6. For insurance deductibles or self-insured retentions above $50,000, you must submit two (2) years of audited financial statements. If audited statements are not available, the financial statements should be accompanied by a letter from a company officer stating the accuracy of the documents. The letter must be on company letterhead. Financial statements should include balance sheets, income statements (aka statements of revenue and expenses), and cash flow statements. The information contained in the financial statements will remain confidential and, upon request, will be returned to you.
  7. Certificates of insurance (e.g. ACORD certificates) are NOT accepted.
  8. Permittee shall defend and indemnify the City of Long Beach, its Board of Harbor Commissioners (individually and collectively), and their officers and employees ("indemnified parties") while acting within the scope of their duties from and against any and all actions, suits, proceedings, claims, demands, costs (including attorney's fees and court costs), expenses and liabilities of any kind or nature whatsoever ("claims") for injury to or death of persons or damage to property (including property owned or under the control of City) which may be brought, filed against, made, imposed upon or sustained by indemnified parties or any of them arising out of the permitted special event/filming activity. Payment of a claim by the indemnified parties or any of them shall not be a condition precedent to right to a defense and indemnification. Permittee shall not be required to indemnify the indemnified parties or any of them if a count of competent jurisdiction determines that the claim is based upon the sole active negligence or the wrongful act of indemnified parties or any of them.
  9. Permittee, at its cost, shall procure and maintain in full force and effect, during the permitted activities, types and amounts of insurance determined by the Executive Director of the Long Beach Harbor Department ("Executive Director") to be appropriate in view of the risks inherent in the special event/filming activity and the need to protect the public's health, safety and welfare. Permittee shall furnish an endorsement on forms approved by the City or certified copies of the policies evidencing such insurance to the Executive Director. The insurance shall be placed with insurers that have an A.M. Best Company rating of or equivalent to A:VII. Any deductibles or self-insured retentions must be declared to and approved by the Executive Director.

    Fees and Other Permits

  10. The application fee ($100) must be paid within 48 hours of application receipt by the Port. The acceptable payment forms are cash or a cashier's check made payable to the "Port of Long Beach." For a schedule of fees, click here.
  11. Upon approval of a permit, Permittee shall, at the discretion of the Executive Director or designee, be required to pay to the Harbor Department a cash deposit in amount sufficient to cover the Harbor Department's total charges to be incurred in connection with the permit. The Permittee will be responsible for all direct and indirect costs not covered by the deposit resulting from the use of Harbor Department personnel and/or equipment and will pay those charges within 30 days of receipt of an invoice. Any payment not made when due shall bear interest at the maximum rate allowed by law from the date of the Harbor Department's invoice to Permittee until paid.
  12. Permits issued by the Port for Special Events, Filming or Still Photography do not cover any other agencies' jurisdiction. Obtaining approval and/or permits from other agencies (such as the Long Beach Fire Department, Federal Aviation Administration, U.S. Coast Guard, etc.) is the applicant's responsibility. For a list of some of the other permitting agencies, click here.
  13. Activities on leased areas in the Port require approval from the respective tenants. For a list of terminal operators, click here. For a Port directory, click here.
  14. Please note that permission from Port tenants to scout, film or conduct an event within their leased facilities is not in lieu of a permit being issued by the Port. You must still apply for and obtain a permit from the Port prior to conducting your activity.
  15. Aircraft activity requires approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). If you plan on landing an aircraft on Port property, you will also need a Long Beach Fire Department Landing Permit and a Landing & Take-Off Permit from the Port's Terminal Services Office. For a copy of the application forms, click here.
  16. Per the FAA, aircraft activity over water requires a watercraft in the area to notify vessels within 500 feet of the activity.
  17. Activity in the water requires a permit from the U.S. Coast Guard and possibly – participation of the Long Beach Fire Department's lifeguards. You will also need to coordinate water activities with the Port's pilot service, Jacobsen Pilot Service, Inc.
  18. If your activity requires a full or partial closure of public roadways, you must submit a detailed traffic plan for review by the Port. Plans submitted for review must be signed and stamped by a licensed civil or traffic engineer.
  19. For special events only: The use of a generator requires that applicants obtain a temporary electrical permit through the City of Long Beach Development Services Office. For a copy of the application form, click here.

    Other Conditions

  20. Permittee shall maintain the premises in a clean and sanitary condition insofar as its permitted activities are concerned. No refuse matter shall be allowed to accumulate. Permittee shall promptly remove all such refuse, litter, debris and temporary structures, etc. placed on the premises by Permittee.
  21. Permittee must notify Terminal Services 8 business hours in advance of activity cancellation; otherwise, the minimum fee for Security will be assessed.
  22. No alcoholic beverages will be sold and/or consumed in public in connection with a permitted event except on premises licensed by the State of California under the Alcoholic Beverage Control Act and approved by the Executive Director or designee.
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