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Did the CAAP include input from the Public, Stakeholders, Medical and Scientific experts?
The Ports have provided for significant public/stakeholder involvement in the development of the CAAP. In addition, this plan was built upon earlier work, including the public efforts of the No Net Increase Task Force.  The public was invited to a series of four public meetings that were attended by representatives from each Port as well as representatives from EPA, CARB and SCAQMD.  This panel listened to extensive public comment and addressed specific questions from the public that were submitted in writing at each meeting. These public comment meetings were recorded and/or transcribed by court recorder for the record, which is available for public review upon request. Written summaries of each meeting were developed by Port staff and these meeting summaries were compiled into this comments response document, formalizing the Ports’ response to the comments received.  

In addition to the oral comments and questions received at the public meetings, the Ports accepted written comment submittals for staff consideration over a sixty day period. Each port established an e-mail address to facilitate the submittal of written comments. A separate response document similar to this was prepared to address written public comments. In addition, follow-up meetings were conducted by Port staff upon stakeholder request as appropriate. 

The Ports sought input from stakeholders through the public meetings and extended comment period from an initial thirty days to sixty days, after the release of the draft plan. The changes in the revised draft plan reflect many of these comments that the Ports have received. In addition, the revised Plan, along with the Ports responses to oral and public comments were released for stakeholder review prior to the Harbor Commissioners meeting to consider adoption of the plan. 

As noted in the CAAP, periodic updates to the plan will be issued, at a minimum, on an annual basis, to adjust the standards, goals and measures based on implementation progress and stakeholders review and comments. These updates will include annual updates to the Ports’ emissions inventory, the best measure of the CAAP’s effectiveness. All of these actions will be taken with public disclosure.

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