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Green Port Policy

The Port of Long Beach is committed to improving the environment, as demonstrated by its 20-year record of environmental protection programs. The Green Port Policy is an aggressive, comprehensive and coordinated approach to reduce the negative impacts of Port operations. The Green Port Policy, which the Board adopted in January 2005, serves as a guide for decision making and established a framework for environmentally friendly Port operations. The policy’s five guiding principles are:

  • Protect the community from harmful environmental impacts of Port operations.
  • Distinguish the Port as a leader in environmental stewardship and compliance.
  • Promote sustainability.
  • Employ best available technology to avoid or reduce environmental impacts.
  • Engage and educate the community.

The Green Port Policy includes six basic program elements, each with an overall goal:

  • Wildlife – Protect, maintain or restore aquatic ecosystems and marine habitats.
  • Air – Reduce harmful air emissions from Port activities.
  • Water – Improve the quality of Long Beach Harbor waters.
  • Soils/Sediments – Remove, treat, or render suitable for beneficial reuse contaminated soils and sediments in the Harbor District.
  • Community Engagement – Interact with and educate the community regarding Port operations and environmental programs.
  • Sustainability – Implement sustainable practices in design and construction, operations, and administrative practices throughout the Port.

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