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Master Plan / Port Master Plan Update

Port Master Plan Update Focus Groups Planned

As the Port of Long Beach prepares for a public draft release of the Port Master Plan update this summer, the Port would like to provide stakeholders with an opportunity to review select parts of the draft and receive input.

Focus group sessions are tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, April 9. During each session, the Port will facilitate a discussion around the draft Port Master Plan Update and topics including community, environment, and Port operations.

If you would like more information about participating in a focus group session, please contact John Kim by email, , or by phone at (562) 283-7156. Please reply as soon as possible but no later than Friday, March 29.

The Port of Long Beach has embarked on a master planning review to comprehensively update the existing Port Master Plan, which guides development and land uses in one of the world’s leading seaports. The last comprehensive update was certified in 1990.

Port Master Plan Update and Program Environmental Impact Review

The Port of Long Beach is comprehensively updating its Port Master Plan.

The Master Plan covers a Harbor District of nearly 2,700 acres of land and more than 4,500 acres of water. The current Master Plan divides the Harbor District into 10 planning districts and identifies permitted land and water uses.

Port Master Plans are required by the California Coastal Act of 1976. They outline strategic goals, operational initiatives and environmental policies, and evaluate the consistency of future developments and land uses with those goals, initiatives and policies.

The Port Master Plan Update is needed to incorporate years of amendments, and consider changes in the global shipping industry, technological advances, and important factors such as climate change and energy resources consistent with Green Port Policy objectives. The Update will revise the guidelines for public access to the waterfront by reviewing the vision for development of future recreation areas and facilities.

The Update includes the following main tasks:

  • Update the Master Plan and integrate previous amendments
  • Integrate other Port of Long Beach initiatives, such as the Green Port Policy, into the Update
  • Prepare a Program Environmental Impact Report for the Update in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act
  • Gather and integrate public input into the planning and decision-making process

Harbor District map

Public Involvement

The Port recognizes that stakeholder engagement is an important element at the core of the Master Plan Update process. Reflecting a commitment to a transparent, comprehensive and inclusive planning process, the Port continues to provide opportunities for stakeholder feedback through a variety of activities. The following is a summary of stakeholder engagement activities that have occurred since spring 2018.

Public Workshop #1. On April 4, 2018, the Port hosted the first of two public workshops for the Master Plan Update at the Homeland Cultural Center in Central Long Beach. The workshop was a “Let’s Talk Port” community forum presented in conjunction with a regularly scheduled neighborhood association meeting. An estimated 90 members of the public attended the workshop, which included an overview of the planning process and draft PMP Update goals. Workshop participants were asked to provide their feedback. A summary report is available for download below.

Focus Groups. In early May, the Port hosted focus group meetings that brought together community leaders and industry partners to discuss potential issues and proposed recommendations for land use policy and planning. Each of the four sessions focused on a different topic: Community, Environmental, Tenants and Users, and Operators. More than 40 people were engaged in discussions that led to valuable feedback and insights. A summary report is available for download below.

Public Workshop #2. On Oct. 24, 2018, the Port hosted a second workshop for the PMP Update at Silverado Park in West Long Beach. An estimated 20 members of the public attended a review of key topics and stakeholder engagement activities conducted to date and an overview of the draft PMP Update. Workshop participants were asked to provide feedback on the draft planning goals for the eight plan elements: 1) Terminal Operations, 2) Intermodal Rail, 3) Oil Operations, 4) Navigation, 5) Transportation & Circulation, 6) Recreation & Public Access, 7) Environment & Sustainability, and 8) Climate Change. A summary report is available for download below.

In addition to these outreach activities, the Port has met with various industry partners, community groups, and stakeholders over the past several months to build awareness about the Master Plan Update process and to receive feedback.

Guiding Principles

Over the development of the Master Plan Update, the Port has engaged with a broad range of stakeholders including community groups, environmental organizations, operators, tenants, and port users. The guiding principles are key concepts reflecting stakeholder feedback received during the goals development process. A Comments Summary document presents the major feedback themes from the stakeholder engagement activities. The Port is committed to pursuing goals in line with these guiding principles.

  • In order to remain viable and competitive, the Port must proactively plan for the future by modernizing facilities and infrastructure and creating operational efficiencies where possible;
  • Fully integrate the Green Port Policy into land use planning and policy, including the advancement of environmental justice for Port communities;
  • Ensure safety and security in all operations, land uses, and for all users;
  • Continue to provide and enhance access to information, educational opportunities, recreational amenities, and cultural experiences;
  • Support and advance opportunities for workforce development commensurate with Port growth and equip future workers with the necessary skill sets; and
  • Continue to collaborate with all stakeholders on land use planning and development.

Draft Goals

The draft goals set the overall direction of long-range planning for the Master Plan Update in line with the guiding principles and stakeholder feedback received to date. They encompass the broad range of priorities for the Port, from modernizing facilities to providing community assets.

These draft goals will be incorporated into the public review draft of the Port Master Plan Update, anticipated for release in spring 2019.

  • Accommodate Forecasted Demand for Diverse Cargoes
  • Develop Modern Terminal Facilities with Efficient Operations
  • Integrate Green Port Policy and Land Use Planning
  • Protect and Manage the Coast for the Benefit of All Port Users and Communities

Group discussion at Workshop #2

Participants at Workshop #2 discussed the draft goals and recommended actions for each of the plan elements.

Focus group discussion

A series of focus group discussions were held in May to narrow in on topics relating to the community, environment, operations, and tenant/users.

Card storming at workshop

Participants at Workshop #1 took part in a “card storming” activity to draw out the major themes relating to the goals of the Master Plan Update.

Informational Materials


Port Master Plan Update
Public Workshop #1 April 4, 2018
Public Workshop #2 Oct. 24, 2018
Public Hearing Summer 2019

Program Environmental Impact Report
Draft EIR Scoping Meeting Aug. 30, 2018
Draft EIR Public Hearing Summer 2019

For more information on the Port of Long Beach, visit the FAQ page.

Email Updates

For news and notices of community meetings on the Port Master Plan Update, go to www.polb.com/subscribe and choose the Port Master Plan Update list when you sign up.

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