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Port Construction Boom Adds Jobs

October 12, 2009

In spite of the sluggish economy, the Port of Long Beach continues to move ahead with $2.6 billion in planned development projects, supporting local businesses and employing thousands of workers. See the 2-minute video.

Modernization projects already underway are employing nearly 1,000 workers in the Port complex. Thousands more jobs will be generated when already approved plans, such as the $750 million Middle Harbor Redevelopment Project, get underway in the next few months.

Many of the projects are aimed at updating the Port's facilities and decreasing the environmental impact of its operations. The Middle Harbor project, for example, will modernize two older shipping terminals and cut air pollution by 50 percent.  The project is expected to generate up to 1,000 construction jobs a year for the next decade as well as another 14,000 permanent positions

"Through sound fiscal planning we are able to keep moving forward with projects that will reduce the Port’s environmental impacts and help boost business activity and jobs," said Port Executive Director Richard D. Steinke. “We see a two-fold economic benefit — a short-term stimulus that will add jobs immediately while improving infrastructure to support additional long-term jobs.”

In addition to Middle Harbor, construction of a new maintenance and repair facility as well as rail renovations at Pier G will support another 900 jobs. Current projects, including soil cleanup at Pier A and building shore power facilities at Pier C, are already supporting nearly 1,000 jobs. Shore power allows docked ships to use land based electricity instead of running their diesel engines, cutting air pollution at berth.

Most construction and environmental project related jobs require specific skills. The Port does not fill construction jobs directly. Project contractors hire for these positions.

Following is a list of resources for those seeking work, training or small business opportunities.

- Pacific Gateway Workforce Investment Network
Tel: (562) 570-WORK
Toll Free: 800-292-7200
E-mail: workforce_dev@longbeach.gov

- Building California Construction Careers
Apprenticeships and training opportunities in the building  trades
Tel: (916) 443-3302

- Long Beach City College School of Trade and Industrial Technologies
Tel: (562) 938-3057 

- Los Angeles Trade-Technical College
Tel: (213) 763-7000

- Port of Long Beach Small Business Enterprise Program
Tel: (562) 590-4146
E-mail: sbeprogram@polb.com

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